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The beginning of 52 weeks!

Well, I’m turning 24 next Sunday. And for this new year of 24-ness, I have resolved to write one song a week, to make 52 songs or so by the time I turn 25 in a year from now. Ron Simpson, the head of the Media Music department here at BYU, said that it’s dangerous for music studios to take on people who have written their first ten-twenty songs over ten years or so. Sure, the first album might be a hit, but when another album is due to be released two years later, how will the studio know that the artist can produce the same caliber of music with substantially less time? To see what quality of music I can come up with, I propose these simple rules:

1. I have to write a song every week from Nov. 12, 2006 to Nov. 12, 2007.

2. I do not have to start the song on Sunday and finish on Saturday; I can write it any time during the week.

3. If I do not finish a song by the end of Saturday, I will leave it as-is and start a new one the week following.

4. I can count assignments in my music classes as songs for this project, as long as they are original compositions and not some figured-bass exercise or dictation or something.

5. The song can be anything: from eight measures of piano to a full orchestral thing to a simple melody to a Doepfer Jam (which will be explained once I do one for my Synthesizer class so I can post the end result here). As long as I have made an effort, it will count.

6. No using older songs as a cop-out. That means I have to write new material, not remix “Lightning” again.

7. I am not required to post my songs anywhere, as long as they are saved on my hard drive. Some songs I am more proud of I may post here or on MySpace or something, but it is not necessary.

8. The songs don’t technically have to be songs, i.e. sung by somebody, but can be any sort of musical work.

I think that about covers it. Let’s see if I hold true to this! To get it started with “Week 0,” as it were, here is a piece I wrote for my Music 295 class, in which I had to modulate three times using “miscellaneous means.” Enjoy it!


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