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Week 1 – Doepfer Jam

To start off this project, for the week of my birthday I have written a “Doepfer Jam.” This is not quite an industry standard term, but it’s what we call it in the BYU Media Music Program. Doepfer is a German company known for its analog modular audio hardware systems. These include audio devices such as waveform generators, low, hi, and band pass filters, and amplitude modifiers; as well as control devices such as envelope generators, portamento controls, LFO devices, and other audio technical jargon stuff.DoepferBasically, with the system that BYU possesses, you can create a basic waveshape(sine, square, sawtooth, triangle, etc.), or create white/pink noise, and play with a lot of patch cables and knobs to make it sound cool. Our Doepfer equipment also has an eight-event sequencer, which means I can loop eight events over and over again, whether they be notes, noise bursts that sound like percussion, or whatever. This demonstrates some of the basics of sound synthesis, which forms the backbone of my current study in the synth program, which in turn is the heart of the BYU Media Music program, which is my major. In other words, I gotta learn this stuff.

In any case, the MP3 of the work I did today can be found on my MySpace Artist Page. It’s pretty basic stuff, and the “melody” line above was actually created using a different MIDI device entirely, so it’s not a true pure Doepfer Jam, but then, with the equipment we have, it would just be those same eight beats over and over again until you are driven mad. MAD, do you hear me?!? Enjoy it!

I also need to find a place to host these songs as I get more, as unless I want to make them all MIDI files I can’t put them all on Angelfire with the limited space I have, and MySpace only lets you have four songs at a time. We’ll see what I can come up with.


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