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Inauguration of the new blog!

Well friends, it’s time for a new blog site! The reason for the change is pretty simple: Angelfire allows only 20MB of stuff, and I’m already running a bunch of websites out of that URL, so I decided to move at least one thing off. Since there are a bunch of blogging hosts out there, I picked one, transferred everything over, and here we are! This is the first real post I’ve made here at WordPress. All the posts previous to this one were made on my old Angelfire blog, and as such may refer to things that aren’t there anymore (such as the “Now Playing” line or the mood indicator), so don’t be thrown! Also, there are a few comments that say they were by me, today, but in the text say the real commenter and time when the comment was submitted. Don’t be thrown by them! It’s tricky!

I’m still tweaking things so the design may change still. The old SaXon Geat background is gone now, unfortunately. Maybe in the future it’ll return; as of now, enjoy the brownness and DS9 slice.


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