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Random pics

I’ve got 50MB of space now, so to help fill it up faster, here are some random pics from my hard drive.

First, I did those seasonal avatars of me a while back, so here are the female counterparts. See if you can guess which goes with which season. (It’s actually probably not that tough.)

Girl Seasonal Avatars

Many of you may be familiar with my desktop background, which I’ve been adding stuff to off and on for years:

DS9 Desktop picture

But one that’s the same thematically but completely different otherwise is the pic I made for my binder cover:

Binder Cover

Anybody who has ever worked in the real estate or title work business (which will, not surprisingly, be very few of you), can possibly appreciate this next pic. The idea came about when I was working at Title One and somebody had misspelled “Plat Map” on an order sheet.


The rest of these should be pretty self-explanatory.

Snowman Terror

Hitler loves Charlie Brown Mouse on a rocket

(I don’t know who drew that last one, but it wasn’t me, just so there’s no confusion.)


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