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The reason why you shouldn’t sleep on your smegging back!

It’s around 2:30 in the morning. That’s OK, because nobody else in the apartment is sleeping either except for Steve, and I’m not going to bed until he quits snoring, so I might as well update this thing.

So with this new blog comes something new: a blog statistics report. This means I can see how many people have read this, from what site they got the link, and which entries they have read. I obviously don’t know who they are, though, and more deceptively, I also don’t know how many of those visits are unique visitors as opposed to people going back and forth between pages. Currently it says I’ve had 42 views in the past three hours, but only two people have followed a link from another website, so I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume that the latter number is more accurate. Because if suddenly 42 people were reading this thing I’d feel a little more nervous about its content. But, in all honesty, I’ve really got nothing to hide. Although I may talk about a lot of personal issues here that most people may not post online for all to see, nothing I post is a secret. If something’s too personal to be shared in public, then it’s not going to be posted here. Still, certain entries may be embarrassing if read by the wrong people. Oh, well. Knowledge is power, and all that, so what happens happens. I only hope that, if people judge me by what is written here, that they will take into account all that has been laid out and not just one or two entries.

Somehow that paragraph doesn’t entirely make sense, but it is 2:30 in the morning and Steve’s snoring has gotten louder, making it harder to concentrate. Hopefully I got across the gist of what I was trying to portray. Good night, hopefully soon!


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