Jeff's online journal, ramblings, whatever.

Well, gotta go. Bye.

Well, it took nearly an entire day of effort, but I managed to transcribe most of my old journal onto this site. This is mainly for archival purposes, and so I could readily access that old information (and possibly refer to it in future blog entries). That is the main reason that the archive now goes awfully far back in time, for a blog. ‘Tain’t many blogs that go back to 1992. In any case, I plan on making a few comments on those old entries, because many don’t make sense without a bit of explanation. A few things have been edited (mostly punctuation and stuff), but for the most part I tried to preserve my writing in its most pristine form, with the added bonus that online it should be readable without having to decipher my handwriting.

In other news, I now nearly have a job! It’ll be at BYU’s office of IT. Which means my days will be filled with stuff like this. Ah, well. It’s only between 15 and 20 hours a week, so it shouldn’t be horrendous. Today’s my last day of Hunt Mystery Sound Guyness, so I need income somehow, and this’s better than nothin’. Jiminy Jillikers! That’s all I got!


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