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If my life were a movie, this would be the soundtrack

Long-time readers of this blog (from at least the Angelfire era) may know that for every post I did there, there was a “Now Playing” line, in which I would type whatever was playing on my Winamp playlist at the time. Obviously, WordPress doesn’t have this option, so for those of you just dying to know what type of stuff I listen to, I present this, copied and pasted from somebody else’s blog, with my songs filled in.

So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.

Opening Credits:
Can I Borrow a Feeling? – Kirk Van Houten (Alf Clausen)
Take my hand with your glove of love? Cheesy love song that gets rejected? What is this saying about me?!?

Waking up:
Metropolis – Sonic the Hedgehog 2
It’s like the beginning of “Joe vs. the Volcano.” Daily grind, that sort of thing.

First Day at High school:
The Plate Spinning Song – MST3K
Parody of Ed Sullivan act. Keeping all those plates spinning, symbolically, in high school, I guess.

Falling In Love:
Wedding Announcement – The Little Mermaid
This is a bit of the score, where Ariel finds out that Eric is engaged to someone else. Yeah, this one fits!

Fight Song:
Stand On Your Own Head – They Might Be Giants
Pretty nonsensical. Give me some skin to call my own, it says. And it’s got a banjo. I guess if my life ever had a fight scene that, somehow, a banjo would be involved.

Breaking Up:
Michael’s Theme – Maniac Mansion
Michael’s the black, hip, reporter dude from Maniac Mansion, and his theme song sounds like a pimp song. Take what you will from that; I’m not sure what it means.

Success Theme 1 – Rainbow 6
What plays when you successfully complete a mission on Rainbow 6. I went to prom! Mission accomplished!

Forgotten Notions – Jeff Parkes
A funky song I experimented with a while back, starts with a vaguely melancholic piano line. Never finished. It’s like my life?

Mental Breakdown:
Overture from Conde de Montecristo – Carlos Maciá
A piece of music depicting the insanity of the Count of Montecristo, who breaks out of jail and kills all the people who wronged him in the past. If I ever do that, this will be the song for it.

Seventy-Six Trombones – Meredith Wilson – The Music Man
Driving down the street, with seventy-six trombones! I like it!

Dangling Participle – Chris Brayman – King’s Quest 6
‘Tis a blast from the past, that KQVI is. Especially since the chord progression in this song was used by me several times during my days as a Comic Frenzy pianist, usually so Christian could strut his stuff and bellow a lot.

Getting Back Together:
Quantum Leap Opening
The only way for me to get back together with someone: for someone to travel back to the past, and put right what once went wrong.

What? – Ben Parkes
A SaXon Geat MIDI file, most known as that song that Casey and I used for Lode Runner. Sorry, I can’t even abstractly relate this to a wedding. Wait. . .wedding – clergy – monks – mad monks – Lode Runner enemies. There it is!

Birth of Child:
Landed – Ben Folds
They say that family is what grounds a man. It certainly will for me.

Final Battle:
Light World Theme – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
This theme is the main Zelda theme that everybody knows. Good heroic battle music, I suppose.

Death Scene:
Gaudeamus Igitur – BYU Men’s Chorus 2006
The lyrics to this song in English are: “Let us rejoice therefore / While we are young. / After a pleasant youth / After a troublesome old age / The earth will have us.” I guess that works, too.

Funeral Song:
Gaudete – The King’s Singers
We sang this song in Madrigals. In rehearsals we changed the lyrics to “What a day! What a day! Chris Roy and Nate / We both we marry virgins, hey! What a day!” Apparently the day Nate gets married is the day I die.

End Credits:
Getting Closer – Billy Joel
Song about a naive guy who keeps getting burned and taken advantage of, but at least he’s learning! Hmm. . .

So as you can see, some of these fit pretty well, others less so. I’ve also got a pretty random selection of tunes here. Fun!


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  1. Adrian

    Maybe you can help me out, I’m trying to get a hold of Dave Allgrunn, I think it’s the same Dave in the SaXon Geat band you mentioned in your blog post. I noticed in a previous blog post you listed the band members of SaXon Geat which is how I stumbled on to your site.

    The reason I’m looking for Dave (I hope it’s the same Dave) is that I found his book that he left on a plane. On Sunday the 28th, we were on the same plan from Newark to Salt Lake City. He got off the plane in Salt Lake City and I stayed on board headed for Sacramento. After he and other passengers got off the plane and before the new ones boarded, I discovered a book in the seat in front of me titled “Uncle Tom’s Cabin Or, Among The Lonely” with a ticket stub that had “David Allgrunn” printed on it. I don’t know if this is the same Dave that was in SaXon Geat but it’s my only lead so far. If you could help in any way it would be greatly appreciated, my email address is Thanks.

    January 30, 2007 at 9:17 pm

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