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What is “an awesome blog?”

Can you beat Ken Jennings?

Although I probably get less than 0.001% of the visitors this site gets, I thought I’d mention to the few readers out there the existence of the personal blog of Ken Jennings, the 74-game Jeopardy! winner, who is really just a Mormon guy from Utah with a wry, intelligent sense of humor (and isn’t afraid to label a lot of Deseret Book products as priestcraft, or use the word “ass”). I find it quite a fun read, and not just for the posts about crossword puzzle competitions or giant styrofoam heads from the Days of ’47 parade.

To steal a quote, for an example of his prose: “How would the civil rights movement have been different if Rosa had been riding the Wienermobile home from work on that fateful day? We may never know.”

And I want a copy of that game.


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