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Tonight I Touched a Tree

Snowy Aspen

Tonight I touched a tree.

And on that tree I found some grit, and flaky bark-like bits
That, for so long, ne’er a human had touched.
I found some places where branches had broken off;
The remaining jagged edges blackened and puckered by time.

Once, a young boy had felt that grit,
that texture and that dirt.
Had climbed that bark, had swung from that branch
Had built his world around it.

Tonight I touched a tree.
And in that tree I found the little boy who used to play
To run and dream and lie awake in stories with no end
Filled with leprechauns and magic lights and colors to behold.
The rustle of the leaves inside a summer’s warming day,
the babble of running water; the feel of mud and grass.

Oh, how long has it been!
How long must it be
Before each and every one of us wakes up to touch a tree?
With the daily grind and hustleness
The inane chatter of people and “relationships”
The packaged, neat depictions of the TV, computer, and movie
What is reality?
The job, the money, the car, the work
The couches, kitchens, Nintendo DS’s,
The chick flicks and the explosions,
Umbrellas in the rain?

Oh, how long has it been!
I had forgot
The texture of the wind;
The smell of life;
The warmness of the world.

In sterilized cages we live
In boxes we exist
In self-created short-sighted globes we thrive and build our imitations of life

But summer days are not just made for under 12-year-olds only.
And trees don’t just exist for Feng Shui
Or to give us oxygen or line the path.

Tonight I touched a tree
And remembered why trees are there for touching.
And once again had hope and light
And once again had dreams

Tonight I touched a tree
And the sun came up at midnight
And the moon shone brightly through the clouds
And the chatter of the busy world faded into obscurity.

Tonight I touched a tree
And held the hand of God.


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