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Week, uh, whatever (new song!)

Metroid 2 box cover

I’ve been a horrible slacker on this whole “song a week” thing. But, in an attempt to cop-out, I’ve posted my final project for my synthesizer 260R class, and it’s much better than that Doepfer Jam I did a while back, too! You can find it at my MySpace artist page; it’s the Metroid 2 ReMix. Now, keep in find that this isn’t the finished product; I still have to go back and mix and master everything: put on the polish, as it were. But this will give you a good idea of what the final product will sound like. Hopefully sometime next week I’ll have finished it, and when I do I’ll re-upload it so you can hear it in all its glory.

If you’re interested in where I got the original tune, you can find that at The Metroid Database as track 2 in this list. That website is kind of picky about letting you download things unless you register, though, so in case that doesn’t work, try and get one of the “Main Tunnel” themes under “Metroid II,” although these are MIDI files and consequently don’t sound quite like the original. Or, if you wish, you can get the GBS version, which includes all the tracks from Metroid II in a very small filesize, but requires both Winamp and the plugin Chipamp to play.

In any case, enjoy the remix!


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