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The internet tells me who I am!

Recently, I took a couple of those goofy personality quizzes you can take online. I know I’ve posted some results from those here before, but it’s been a year or two, so I thought I’d try some more. Look at these and think about what they say about me. (I copied and pasted this from Facebook; I don’t know if the links will work right in case you click on them.)

What’s Your Mental Age?

your result: Middle Aged

How Will You Die?

your result: Peacefully In Your Sleep

Where Will You Be In 10 Years?

your result: Married With 8 Kids

What’s Wrong With You?

your result: Too Friendly

What’s Your Secret Talent?

your result: Flying

The eSPIN Personality Test

your result: The Thinker

Which Sexy Are You?

your result: Cute Sexy

What’s Your Sense of Humor?

your result: Witty

What’s Your Sin?

your result: Sloth

What’s Your Flirt Style?

your result: Friend First

Purity Test

your result: Squeaky Clean

What’s Your Addiction?

your result: Sleep Junkie

How Hot Are You?

your result: Cool Hot

What’s Your Top Emotion?

your result: Happy

Love or Lust?

your result: Love

How Will You Get Famous?

your result: Novelist

Are You Hot or Cool?

your result: Cool

What’s Your Cause?

your result: Promoting Healthy Choices

Do You Date Like a Girl?

your result: You Swing Both Ways

What Kind of Boyfriend Are You?

your result: Dream Guy


There you have it. I’m a friendly, cute, happy, cool, pure, witty, dream guy who’s mentally mature and will die peacefully in his sleep. Hey, if Facebook says it, it’s gotta be true. So, all you girls looking for the dream guy, here I am! Although, if you just know me through this blog and somehow contact me with interest, I will admit, I am going to be creeped out.

On an entirely unrelated note, I have installed an expansion for Firefox called Foxytunes that basically lets me control my Winamp playlist without having to switch to Winamp from Firefox. In addition, they recently came out with a new feature that automatically adds information about the currently playing song to the bottom of a blog post/email/what have you. So basically, it’s the comeback of the old “Now Playing” item that I used to have in the old Angelfire blog days. Therefore, every entry I make will now end with this Foxytunes info about what’s currently playing, so you can get a random sampling of what I listen to. I hope it can make sense of the 1,000+ MIDI files I have in there. In any case, chau!

Now playing: At the Hop – California Raisins – Meet the Raisins!
via FoxyTunes


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