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Interesting Jeff

I have nothing to add to this. It stands on its own.

Interesting Jeff

Strip by Scott McCloud.


Playpen balls


So we had some girls over tonight, and one of them started talking about the worst date she’d ever been on. Such horrible faux pas as “He ate my chicken after I said I was done with it!” and “After the dance he suggested we go get some ice cream!” There were probably slightly worse ones than that, but I can’t remember them all. It culminated with him walking her to her door, and halfway up the walk she turned around and gave him a handshake. He apparently had made no indication that he wanted to make out with her or (heaven forbid) give her a hug, but she wanted to be safe. In any case, the entire time I was thinking, “You know, I think I’ve experienced this date. . .from the other end.” Am I so socially inept that I’m giving girls their worst dates ever? Is Holly Fuellenbach somewhere going, “And then he gave me a rose! The nerve!” (I certainly hope not; I believe she has more tact than that. I hope.) This, by the way, is the same girl I mentioned in the Summer Livin’ post. I was a bit venomous in my description of her then. She’s actually pretty nice, just tactless sometimes and pretty bloomin’ opinionated. I don’t think she does it to be rude, though; I actually think that she believes the people in her world think the same way she does.

Well, until I find the girl who fills her apartment with playpen balls, I’ll just have to make my living giving girls horrible dates!

(Comic strip courtesy of xkcd)

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