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The Final Four

Ring F4

So Billy got married, and Casey and I went down to St. George to see his wedding this past weekend. It was very nice, and a pretty standard wedding, so that’s neat. Billy has always been the most normal of my friends, which is interesting, considering everyone down in Cedar City was saying that Billy was this crazy guy. He is, but to a lesser degree than many others of the high-school group. Maybe that’s why he was able to get married.

Speaking of which, of the male members of our high school group, there are basically four left now, the Final Four. These consist of: me, Casey Wayman, Nate Winder, and Steve Porter. Josh doesn’t count, really, and Ben is practically engaged, so these are the ones that are left. On the drive home from St. George Casey and I were postulating who, of these four, would go first, and when. Here’s what we came up with:

First: Stephen Porter. Of the four of us, Steve is the one who is trying the hardest. He is consistently trying to date people, and also is the most recent to have a girlfriend. Casey gives the man two years, tops.

Second(tie): Casey Wayman and Jeff Parkes. As we two were the ones judging, we weren’t really able to look at our own situations objectively, but we tried. Casey is at least trying to date as well, but the problem with him (and me, really), is that we’re still a bit too selfish to truly make a good boyfriend, and by extension, husband. We both have good hearts, but have wrapped them up in Star Trek and Pimp Lando and computers and improv and whatever else. Either we’ll have to find a girl who likes everything we do, or we’re going to have to change in order to progress.

Last: Nate Winder. This guy isn’t even trying. He’s got a lot of plans for the future that don’t include a girl, and Nate’s determination will get them accomplished. Nate will end up being an experienced bachelor until he’s 45, and end up marrying some exotic islander or something.

Anyone else care to add comments or predictions? Place your bets now!

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