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Music 389: The first half

Music 389 montage

For my Music 389 class (Projects in Media Music), I’ve been composing a couple of tracks that I figured I’d post for all y’all to enjoy. The point of the class is to get MIDI compositions to sound professional enough to show to a client so that he/she will OK the budget for actual live instrumentalists to play the piece. So far I’ve done four works in the class:

M1 Romantic Cue – Done to show we could follow a chord sheet. Most people made their romantic music all strings and piano, or a jazz trio. I tried to go the Barry White route. This is the only piece of the four that was done at my house instead of the studio on campus, and sorry to say, it shows.

Strings – A rendition of the Tetris theme that I actually wrote for a counterpoint assignment back when I was going to BYU-Idaho. For the glory of Mother Russia!

Woodwinds – This sprightly tune is entirely original, although the bassoon line starting it out starts out about a million other songs. Still, it’s a fun little ditty that may make you think of a puppy parade! In fact, I think that’s what I’ll call it: “Puppy Parade!” Yay!

Brass – Theme and Variations on Pitfall II. This one isn’t done yet, but you can hear its progress. I’ll update this post when it is finished. You can get the gist of it with what I have so far, though. Quite majestic, especially toward the end!

That’s all for now. We’ve got a fair number of songs left to go in the semester, so stay tuned!

Now playing: Uranus, the Magician – Gustave Holst – The Planets
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