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Archive for December 3, 2007

Mickey Mouse Trying to Commit Suicide

Mickey Mouse trying to kill himself

Here’s a random thing I came across. Apparently it’s a set of comic strips published in 1930 in which Mickey loses Minnie to some other slick guy, so he tried to commit suicide in various, Better off Dead-esque ways. Now, I would imagine that this is probably not something let out of the Disney vaults very often, so it’s kind of an interesting read. Especially in the context of 1930-depression-era times.

In other news, the annual BYU Choir/Orchestra Christmas concert is coming up this weekend, and that’s always a fun time for all. It’s pretty much sold out already, so sorry to anyone reading this blog who wanted to attend, ’cause I know there are so many of you. I’m going to bed.
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