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Music 389: The Second Half

D and W

I thought I’d post the rest of the songs done in my Music 389 class, since the semester’s now over. Two of these songs I’ve already actually posted, but I shall repost them here, for consolidation purposes.

How Great Thou Art – Our mid-term project was to take the hymn “How Great Thou Art” and add an orchestral swell in the middle of it. As that was the focus of the project, I didn’t do too much with the rest of the song, but it’s still an interesting arrangement. This was also the only project I did this year in which I used the East-West Orchestra sound library. Everybody seems to really like it, but I think it sounds much too artificial. (Compare this to, say, the woodwind piece I did earlier, and you might see what I mean.)

Never Had a Girl – This wasn’t just an emo song, it was also my “rhythm section” project. When I turned it in I showed a version that didn’t have lyrics, for obvious reasons. It got a pretty good score, except apparently I was supposed to write a keyboard or piano part into it somewhere. Ah, well, maybe next time.

Backseat Driver – I’m stretching to call this one a Music 389 project, since it was actually done for my Music 260R class, but a lot of the projects I did for one class I also used in the other one. This was the only exception. This version is still the incomplete one; I hope to finish it next semester, at which point I will update this post with the completed version. EDIT: Now it has words! Thanks, Casey!

Can You Find It? – Our final project was to create a record clone; or in other words, to take an existing song by a brand-name artist and duplicate it as faithfully as we could. I picked the song “Can You Find It?” by They Might Be Giants. I obviously can’t post their original song here to compare, but a skippy version of it can be found on Youtube, along with the music video. If you really want an interesting experience, you can start the Youtube video, turn down the sound, and play my version along with the video. If you can start it right it’s perfectly synced (except for the mouths of D and W, but that’s OK).

I’m also planning on adding a music page to this blog soon (next to the “about” button under the title pic) to showcase some of the stuff I’ve done, and have it all in one convenient place. Look forward to it, ladies and gents!

Comments, please!

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