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Conference in a nutshell – version 3

Me at the LDS Conference Center

(Note: this doesn’t include notes from most of the Saturday Morning Session, since at the time I was in a bus with a radio that didn’t work.)

Yet again, lessons from the LDS General Conference, this one from Apr. 2008, which was the first conference presided over by President Thomas S. Monson:

  • New first presidency: Thomas S. Monson, Henry B. Eyring, and Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • New apostle: D. Todd Christofferson
  • Be grateful for being a member
  • Keep the commandments. . .better!
  • Sustain leaders and Church through service
  • Retention, retention, retention!
  • Every member a missionary! Still applies!
  • Don’t give up on wayward children. God doesn’t.
  • Testimony not a sermon, travelogue, or “thankamony,” but expression of gospel truths personally known
  • Three different kinds of knowledge: scientific (It’s cold outside), personal & subjective (I love my wife), and spiritual (God is my Father)
  • Natural man can’t know anything obtained by method three above
  • Testimony not scientific, but can be as sure as any scientific fact
  • Get a testimony by:
  1. Wanting to know
  2. Earnest prayer (and possibly fasting)
  3. Bearing the testimony you have
  4. Taking the sacrament
  • Clarify the restored gospel and Mormonism wherever it is misrepresented, but in mildness and meekness
  • Sustaining is not a vote, but a personal commitment
  • God the Father commands us to hear His Beloved Son
  • Open your hearts to the Holy Spirit
  • Christ can’t help us if we don’t trust and serve Him.
  • The First Presidency is a quorum of three presidents, not a president and two vice-presidents
  • Seek help, both from temporal and divine sources, in abuse cases (on both sides, abuser and abused)
  • Eternal life is like a nice cake. To make a great cake, you’ve got to get all the right ingredients and mix ’em just right.
  • You can’t embrace the gospel or the Church without embracing Christ
  • Follow the prophet, especially in small things.
  • Love all the prophets equally
  • President Monson was prepared to be the prophet
  • There was a lot of Church response to natural disasters in 2007
  • Also a lot of humanitarian aid. . .and donuts!
  • Do you know who you are?
  1. A son of God
  2. A subject of the plan of happiness
  3. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Act like it!
  • Deacons have divine potential, even if it’s not readily apparent
  • President Dieter F. Uchtdorf was almost as surprised as his wife when he was called to be the Second Counselor in the First Presidency
  • The difference between happiness and misery is often an error of only a few degrees
  • Don’t fly into mountains!
  • Do not delay a course correction. The longer you wait, the more you have to correct.
  • Be anxiously engaged! Be proactive!
  • Your best friend is the Creator of the universe!
  • Get confident!
  • Rise to acquire the blessings of the Oath & Covenant of the priesthood
  • This brings eternal life! To not claim it would be tragic!
  • The fact that God has offered the Oath & Covenant to you shows that He has some trust in you
  • Faith in the Oath & Covenant gave the impetus for priesthood holders to serve in humanitarian efforts after a certain recent hurricane
  • Study the word of God for yourself, but also to be an emissary
  • Priesthood holders can Make a Difference, if their hands are clean and hearts are pure
  • We are surrounded by diversions and temptations. Always be qualified to exercise your priesthood.
  • The face of sin today often wears a Halloween mask of tolerance. Behind that mask is sorrow.
  • Make a stand for right, even if you stand alone.
  • Be kind and loving to your family.
  • Always be honest!!
  • Be an example and influence for good, whate’er your calling or lot in life
  • Wiggle your ears to the kid on the front row!
  • Never do anything you don’t want your children to emulate.
  • Cast off your old life! Begin a life of faith, joy, and hope!
  • President Monson climbs stairs even after foot surgery to visit a sick member of the Church.
  • He knows how to focus on the one.
  • What is the faith of our fathers? Is it simply the religious beliefs of our parents? Or could it be the faith of the Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)?
  • Or is it the plan and faith of our Heavenly Father?
  • True religion shouldn’t come from what pleases men or ancestors, but what pleases God.
  • The Seventy are integral in the establishment of the Kingdom of God
  • Hearts are changed through faith on Christ’s name
  • Man must be born again, and endure to the end
  • Being born again is usually a process. But that doesn’t mean you should be casual about it.
  • Obedience brings happiness.
  • Paying tithing brings happiness.
  • Paying tithing makes prayer easier
  • Delight in the things of the Lord! Yay!
  • Delight in the Savior! The Restored Gospel! The strength of youth (not just the pamphlet)! The fact that you are a child of God! Families!
  • Women’s desire to nurture is their nature! A divine responsibility!
  • Men need to nurture too.
  • Apostles essential to church. Pres. Packer outlines their purpose, influence, and responsibility.
  • Apostles are ordinary people with priesthood keys
  • Most important criterion for apostleship is a witness of the truth.
  • The canon of scripture is not closed!
  • Effective prayer requires action!
  • Don’t lower your standards to fit in. It’s not worth it!
  • You will die. Don’t procrastinate the day of your repentance!
  • Mother do way more than you could ever imagine!
  • Don’t let Daddy touch the microwave!

As you can see by the picture, I had the opportunity to sing at the Saturday Afternoon Session in the BYU Combined Choirs choir. I don’t have much else to say now, except that dating bites. Au revoir!

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