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Blog Stats

Blog Stats

It’s kind of a cop-out, doing a blog post about your blog stats, but I thought it kind of interesting. Above you can see how many visitors I’ve had to this blog every day for a month or so. Usually it’s somewhere in the lower teens, but occasionally, as you can see, there are random spikes in the graph. These particular spikes are from when somebody was searching for stuff about Homosexuality and the Acorn Café and when someone was searching for stuff about Kimberly Isom, which happens at regular intervals. I’m not nervous at all about the Café thing, since that post is password protected, and as for the Kim Isom thing, well, since she’s married and all and I haven’t seen her since, what, 2001 or so (except for her wedding), it’s pretty much water under the bridge so it doesn’t really matter what she thinks of me anymore.

Oddly enough, most of the hits I get here are from people either searching for a picture of the LDS conference center or Mickey Mouse and suicide or something similar. I didn’t realize that a suicidal Mickey Mouse was a regular search topic among the denizens of the Internet, but then, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I also enjoy the odd search topics that direct people here. Some of my recent favorites:

  • is there a word lurpy?
  • “oh tada” bill nye
  • school kids good postures bad postures
  • get the off my lawn
  • nigerians in wisconsin
  • pitch glow lover
  • nicene creed comic (I smell hilarity!)
  • what do russians think of spaniards, the (only because of the “the” on the end. Apparently, “The what do russians think of spaniards” wasn’t flying on Google, so maybe. . .)

That’s just a random sampling from the past two months or so. And now, for something completely different, one of those Gadget pictures again, since we haven’t had one in a while. This one comes to us from Russian artist DeLTa:

Funny Bunny

Very snowy. Well, I’m off to go find my pitch glow lover!

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