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Yep, this is hell.

Yet another reason why I rarely date.


I know it’s a parody site, but it’s waay to close to the truth for a huge amount of girls, especially in Provo. I had a co-worker that was exactly like this, no exaggeration. It was the only time in my life I contemplated ritual suicide. Ordinary suicide wouldn’t have been strong enough.


Ocarina of Time theory? Cruise Elroy!

So there I was this morning, sitting in my Music 301 history class and learning about the beginnings of Gregorian plainchant theory (hexachords, the four main church modes and how they are transposed, etc.) and I started thinking about the modal pieces in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which are brilliant pieces of work. I pondered especially the “Song of Time,” which ends up fitting right into early plainchant methods (in the Dorian scale it uses the C hexachord, with a D for a final tone and an A for a tenor, or repeating tone; a fifth above the final, right where it should be. It shifts into a G hexachord on the top two notes as well.) And then I thought to write a blog post about all the pieces in Ocarina of Time and analyze them theoretically. As I was searching for a picture to put at the top of the post I ran into the blog called Cruise Elroy, whose author has done a much better job of it than I ever could have. So, all you readers who are interested in the musical theory underlining this video game, check it out! He’s also got a lot of other articles relating to video game music that I have yet to peruse, but I certainly will.

That’s all I got.

Two more blogs!

I transferred all of my Rescue Ranger-related websites to new WordPress blogs, here and here. Now you can see how hopeless I truly am. Or at least check out a promising adventure game!

That’s all I got.

A bold era comes to a close…

It’s official: Star Trek: The Experience closed down on Monday. Never more will fans be able to boldy go, themselves, where no man had gone before (or at least only where 3 millions fans had gone before). ST:TE was not only the site of a great vacation I had last summer with Billy and Casey, but our destination the last time I took a trip with my dad before my mission. We went on that ride probably four or five times in a row (which probably annoyed the attendants, due to having to deal with my dad’s wheelchair each time), but ’twas a lot of fun, and a fitting tribute to both my dad and one of the positive things we had to share together: Star Trek.

Well, as the exhibits are dismantled, pour a cup of BLOOD WINE! on the ground in honor of our fallen friend. You will be missed, ST:TE.

This is why, ladies

Oftentimes girls I know are frustrated because they think guys are pansies for not wooing them. Well, many of the not-dating guys I know are afraid of a scenario like the one in this strip. We’re all clueless! Help us out here!

Strip from garfield minus garfield, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite strips; much moreso than Garfield, anyway.