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I’m graduating soon. And in an effort to be able to, you know, land a job in the music field after I graduate, I’ve been testing out different sequencing and softsynth programs to find one with which I can produce professional-sounding work without breaking the bank. So this time I tried out FL Studio 8 (formerly FruityLoops) which is very different from Cakewalk Sonar, the program I’m most used to, since I grew up using Cakewalk software. However, it took me only 20 minutes or so to produce this little loop from scratch. And by “from scratch” I mean that, despite the name of the software, I didn’t just plug in premade loops but made my own, mixed it, and mastered it myself. It’s pretty short, and I can’t add on to it (since the demo version disables saving), but I thought I’d post it anyway for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Took me an hour to make this one. It’s a bit longer, and has both Josh and Abuk, Master of Locks in it. It’s meant to be played looping. Optimus Prime, Maximize!


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