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Travels Commentary

Travels MST3K

This was originally supposed to be part of a DVD of Travels that I was working on about three years ago, but the software I was using to make this was giving me all sorts of problems, so the DVD never materialized. What it is is Nate, Casey, and I doing commentary on the first act of the show. I wish I had a video file of the whole thing, but until I upgrade both my hardware and software that’s not going to happen, so enjoy it anyway and imagine the show in your head. In addition, the audio is about a minute ahead of the commentary for the first half hour or so.

You may get some interesting insight into the process of writing this musical from both the composer and the orchestrator. You may also get various Star Trek II references from Casey, whose real purpose for being on this commentary track remains unclear, since he had nothing to so with the show, but everything to do with hilarity! In any case, I hope you have fun with this 75MB MP3 commentary for Act I of Travels! (Note: the commentary was taken down because of space restrictions, but see below for video version)

EDIT: All right, I’m trying to get this thing uploaded as a video. Parts 1-3 are still off sync, but should be fixed soon. Until then you can start with part 4 on Youtube.

Watch it!


Absoludicrous Theme


I’m in the process of writing a theme song for Absoludicrous, which is the improv troupe that Casey, Steve, Nate (when he is in America), and I, along with the heretofore unmentioned Rod Christensen, belong to. This’ll play at the beginning when the MC comes out and we get introduced, and at the end after the show. The beginning one will have only the first two Mr. T quotes, while the end will be the full thing. This is, of course, just a first draft, and may change quite a bit before it gets used in a show, but here it is anyway. It’s kind of techno-y, since it also doubles as a project for my synth class.


B…or not a B?

I don’t know why, but I found this the funniest thing I’ve seen all month:

Atari Reviews: Moved!

atari joystick

For a while, I’ve hosted reviews of old Atari Games on my blog here. Now, in order to separate them from the more personal posts found on this blog, I’ve moved them all to a different site: So if you’re really craving a wacky description of Drelbs (and I know you all are), then you need not look further than that new site. It’s still being customized and fixed up, but it should be completely up and running soon. For now, I’ve just moved all those old Atari posts over there.

The Big Game!

The Big Game bracket

Well, Casey and Steve got engaged. In the same week, no less! I guess that leaves Nate and I to make it to the final round of the singles’ game, outlined in The Final Four. Nate, of course, is off traveling to find the place he’s never been over in Germany, while I’m just plugging away at school here in Provo. Before last week, I would have given us pretty even odds, but I actually got a girlfriend (gasp!) (more on her at a later date), while Nate, I think, is going to just marry the Alps and be done with it. Still, I leave it up to my readers: who will win this game of singlehood? And as a bonus: post in the comments what his prize should be, given to him by the loser(s)?

(Read the poll question carefully!)