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Making a todo about what to do

to-do list

I’ve got a lot of projects in the air right now, but I can never seem to remember them all when I get some free time. So I’ve decided to list a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to get to; trivial or life-changing, old or new, easy or difficult — here they are:

  • Finish college (this current semester, plus the music history core, form & analysis, an English class, and an internship, is all I have left)
  • Finish my Super Metroid Limit commentary
  • Finish up all the disks on my Atarieviewer site, plus video reviews
  • Somehow save up enough money to be able to buy a new Mac, so I can:
  1. Buy Logic and a couple of good sound libraries to be able to compete professionally in the music business, particulary in the arena of film/tv scoring and/or minus track writing, and
  2. Finish editing all those home videos Mom wanted me to work on like four years ago. (If that goes well I may end up scoring them. If those end up going well, I may use that as a source of income! “Hire me to score your home movies!” Rich bishops who live in Mapleton would love it!)
  • Write a choir piece for Tuesday’s choir arranging class.
  • Write a ten page research paper on something in the field of Media Music for my songwriting class before next Friday.
  • Write two entirely original songs, plus two hymn parodies, for the Called to Murder murder mystery show that Annelise is organizing, preferably sometime in the next week or two.
  • Help Annelise with that script, along with the casting and other responsibilities I will no doubt assume upon the whole opening of the murder mystery show here in Orem.
  • Watch the entire series of: 24, The Office, Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, and whatever other shows society and my friends and family deem I need in my consciousness.
  • Finish my Rescue Ranger Adventure game.
  • Work with Crystie Cook on her pioneer script (for which I’ve done less than nothing, sorry!)
  • Get the Easter program to run smoothly for Easter Sunday (luckily I’ve delegated well on that count).
  • Talk to Ron Simpson and get an internship going, preferably local so I can still help Annelise out.
  • Finish my Facebook Diplomacy games (there’s only one left now!)
  • Film and put together my birthday present for Josh Reese: an action movie trailer where Billy and Dan Omer take over the future with a clone army.

That’s all I can think of right now; I’m sure there are more. I’ve also omitted items from a few categories, from the ones that are so far off and vague that I can’t make real specific plans at this time (getting married), to the ones that are both personal and inconsequential (playing through Final Fantasy VII like my roommate Shaun wants me to do, watching last night’s Colbert Report), to the ones that are obvious (go to work every day, eat, read scriptures).

The murder mystery show, oddly enough, is the same one I was doing waaay back when I started this blog years ago. It’s needed a major rewrite, since we’re not affiliated with the Hunts any more and the format has changed. Also, the songs are all going to be originals. It’ll be performed in May and June at the Wise Guys comedy club in Orem, near UVU. I’m a bit pressed for time right now (we’re hanging up posters around town advertising auditions), but maybe later I can relate the whole story of how this opportunity came to be. Needless to say, ’tis very exciting!


2 responses

  1. Haley Greer

    It’s comforting to know that someone else creates the illusion of busy-ness to avoid things that actually need to be done (blogging about doing things instead of doing them.)

    Tell Annelise I’d audition for her show if I didn’t work every other Monday night and every third Saturday afternoon. Good luck with everything.

    April 4, 2009 at 9:32 pm

  2. Casey Wayman

    What Jeff, no Pimp Lando? I know the continueing adventures of everybody’s favorite pimp aren’t high on the list, but should still be there. I know sometime we’ll finish number ten. as far as finishing off the season that will take time, but with Billy moving closer in the tentative future you never know. It just stinks we’re not getting paid for doing it, it would’ve been done lickety split.

    April 12, 2009 at 12:18 pm

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