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If you’re looking for music… (and Baldur’s Gate II)


I’ve posted a lot of music on this blog, but the site I was using to do so (which also happened to be the website for Pimp Lando) has been deleted, so now a lot of my music links won’t work. I’ll fix them when I get a server on which to host them, but for now you may have to do without. Sorry, all you out there who really really wanted to listen to that SONAR piece I wrote about in the last post. Next time you’ll grab it when you can! It apparently was a limited-time offer!

On an entirely different topic, a long time ago Casey and I made a character for Baldur’s Gate II named “Stalingrad T. Stalker” who was a human stalker (a type of ranger), and for some reason was Russian. About a year ago I decided to flesh him out and make him a full-blown joinable NPC, with dialogue, interjections, and even a quest. While I never finished the quest (all I’ve done so far is add Alexander Romanov to the inn, where he tells Stalingrad to go hunt a jewel called the Red October), I did add a lot of random interjections to already-existing dialogue. Most of it I had forgotten when I went back and played the game earlier this month, so it was like discovering it again for myself. Here is my favorite bit I’ve run across so far, after a short parody of Cyrano de Bergerac, with a guy named Garrick being the Christian character (click to enlarge):

Plain, Simple Mr. Garrick

Stalingrad’s line is at the bottom. If you don’t find it funny, chances are you probably never will, but I about hit the floor laughing when I read it. And as a side note, yes, my main character appears to be Mr. T, and yes, it’s absolutely hilarious, and yes, I’m one of those people who can’t take fantasy role-playing seriously and always introduces anachronisms because I think they’re funny.