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And now for some nightmare fuel


It’s always looking at you.


Whose Line Sketch

And now, possibly the funniest Whose Line Is It Anyway sketch:

Any other top contenders?

Testin’ the mic


For the new Poison Ivy Mysteries murder mystery ‘Til Death Do Us Part, I’ve written a techno song where an Australian is testing the mic and it gets out of hand. Now, I can’t post the full version here ’cause we’re going to be selling the soundtrack online once the show opens in August, but I can post a demo of it. Since the site went down where I was hosting my music I’ve put it on my Soundclick page (which desperately needs an update) for now.

What do you think, guys? If you like it, buy it and the rest of the album when it comes out in August! Stay tuned here or at the Poison Ivy Mysteries site for more details! Shill!

Also, randomly, a bunch of my stuff online has been disappearing without a trace. First I comment on a post on Dave Omer’s webcomic Animal Ward, and it completely disappears (the post and the comment!) Then I post a few posts over on the Poison Ivy Mysteries blog and within half an hour the entire blog is gone! If I somehow disappear without a trace, know that I went out doing what I love doing best: killing tiny spiders that wander across my monitor. Seriously, I’ve killed like five of them in the past three days!

EDIT: OK, the Animal Ward comment is still there, but the posts on the PIM blog are still missing. Wha’ happened, Nate?

Disney Shakespeare & Stoppard

Lion King 1 1/2

While most of the Disney sequels of the late ’90’s and early, uh, whatever this decade is, felt like uninspired cheap knock-offs designed to leech off the original movie’s popularity without creating an interesting movie on their own (I’m looking at you, Return of Jafar!), The Lion King 1 1/2 was actually a pretty good movie in its own right (and better than The Lion King 2). Then it occurred to me. One of the reasons The Lion King works so well is that it’s basically Hamlet with lions. And one of the reasons The Lion King 1 1/2 works so well is that it’s just Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead with a meerkat and a warthog, at least conceptually speaking. This may seem obvious in hindsight, but I thought it an interesting comparison when I came up with it. I wonder if it was intentional.