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52 Weeks – Week 2 – Crystal

Explanation of the 52 Weeks Project


Today’s piece of music is…


This short MP3 is less a song and more an awakening of possibility. It was made when I was experimenting with sounds while I was trying to write some music for a Rescue Ranger RPG that an online friend was making. I did several songs for it, even though it never got made. This particular one was made when I was trying to make some sort of ambient sounds, and for some reason it spoke to me, so I decided to save it. It’s short, peaceful, and you can do a very quick Tai Chi move to it or something. It’s called “Crystal” because that was the image I got when I wrote it. That’s about all I got on this one.

Coming up next week: Mvmt. 1 of “Mixed Quintet? You Bet!” entitled “Decision”!


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