Let’s Play Undertale to Redeem Chara (and talk about mental health)

A lot of posts I’ve made recently have made references to the game Undertale, and specifically the character of Chara. I keep harping on this subject because it is something important to me, obviously, but I know that there are many readers who don’t know Undertale, or just don’t care. So a few weeks ago I livestreamed the whole game with the express purpose of giving people context for why I’m so interested in this character, and also to talk about the host of mental health issues the game brings up and discusses (in a relatable, non-obvious way with goofy characters). I’m hoping that this will bring greater understanding to anyone who’s not going to get around to playing it themselves. But even more importantly for me: now that this has been posted and isn’t just rolling around in my head, I can probably move on instead of obsessing about it. If anyone asks, I now have something to point them to instead of feeling like I need to explain context for two hours.

So enjoy! If you don’t want to watch all of the many hours this takes, speed it up to 1.25x or 1.5x and listen to it in the background. There’s some important stuff here and I’d like to start discussions about it if at all possible. Let me know what you think!

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