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Old journal

11th grade potpourri

Hmph. I sharpened three pencils, and just as I tried to write “November” in the date above, they all broke. So now I gotta use this sporadic pen. Oh, well. I finally finished my DBQ about Democratic-Republicans loosely interpreting the Constitution in the 1800’s and 1810’s. I have a four-day weekend and I wait until 10:40 PM on Sunday to start it. Now if that’s not procrastination, I don’t know what is.

SaXon Geat held a rehearsal yesterday. In case you have no idea what in the Sam Hill SaXon Geat is, it’s a band Ben organized that I write songs for and also play the keyboard. The band website is: On Tuesday we are performing “Love at the Regional Dance” and “Samba Dee’s Cryin'” at Open Mic Night, a night of fun stories that Literary Magazine is sponsoring. Tuesday is also our first Madrigal performance, during the day. We gots lots of Christmas songs, so we’ll be OK. I have writer’s block from writing that DBQ, so today’s journal entry is shorter than most. In any case, I gotta go. Bye.


Sweet 16

It’s barely after midnight.

I thought I’d write with a scripture marker, just for a change of pace. This is the last entry of my journal before I turn 16! Yes, November 12 is my birthday! Today (actually yesterday) was our Veteran’s Day Concert at the Jon M. Huntsman center downtown. All the Granite School District choirs sang songs, accompanied by the 23rd Army Band. I don’t know if I want to buy the CD yet. I sat right next to Casey Wayman, the wackiest guy this side of wacky wackiness. You may remember him from such quotes as, “But there was no end to war. Hhhuummm. . .”, “Sancta Maria, Columbus Sailing. . .”, and “Oh, the bah dahbah. . .” Unfortunately, he got kicked out of The Music Man, but I’ll probably never go into that story. Speaking of which, it is performed November 19, 20, and 23 at 7:00 PM and is $4.00 per person, and the posters advertising this information are hideously ugly. But what am I telling you for? By the time another living soul reads this, the musical’ll be over with. Nobody’ll care what time or day it WAS. Ah, well. Anyway, I gotta go. Bye.

P.S. I turned 16 playing Boulderdash on my calculator (TI-85) Level 3, Cave I: Greed.

First Date

I’m writing an update. My schedule is: Odd days: Ivey, Fields(drama), Elliott, Pierce(Concert Choir). Even days: Fields(X-Works), Pierce(Madrigals), Bro. Hathaway, Sheya. Neat, eh? The school musical this year is The Music Man. Dave Omer is the Music Man. I play Olin Britt(a hypocrite with lots of spit who has been lit, according to Boe Mulford), the bass in the barbershop quartet, along with Randy Gunn (baritone), Scott Ricks (lead), and Daniel Burk (yes, that Daniel) (tenor) (not terror! Geez.) We always end up going sharp, but frankly I don’t care, because I got asked to my very first date! Anya Adams is the asker, and the dance is Sadie Hawkins. She asked me with a big block of ice and frozen dinosaurs. When I broke the ice open, a little note says, “Now that we’ve broken the ice, will you go to Sadie Hawkins with me?” I’m going to answer her with a 3d random dot stereo picture (of Magic Guyz™ infamy, see June 14, 1997) that says, “YES!” stuck in a thing of Jell-O, with whipped cream and Gobstoppers that look like eyes. I’ll probably include a corny message like “Would EYE like to go to Sadie’s with you?” Then she’ll have to eat all the Jell-O and try to see the 3d picture to find out the answer. Well, I have to do my calculus, and it’s 10:50 PM, so I gotta go. Bye.

More coherent? You decide.

Not much has happened in 16 days. I got registered for school. I’ll tell you my schedule next time, since this time I don’t have it memorized and it’s not currently in this room.

I’ve noticed that ever since I entered 10th grade, my journal entries have been at least semi-coherent compared to earlier years. If you compare, say, April 26th, 1998, to October 1st, 1996 (an arbitrary date. Almost anything before November 23, 1997 would work), you’d find that while April 26th talks about what happened in my life and how I reacted to it, the norm for journal writing, that Oct. 1st talks about weird psychological insights that are just off-the-wall and strange. It’s still important and it’s still me, but it’s still sort of nutty. Oh, well. This entry’s beginning to sound that way as well.

I’ve got two weeks before school starts up once again! Uncle Jon’s staying with us ’till Wednesday. He got laid off and divorced since his last mention on August 31st, 1996, so he figured he’d take a vacation before he starts his new job at Amway. I’d write more, but I’m really tired, and it’s late, so I gotta go. Bye.

Two gay men under the same roof?!?

I forgot to mention something important in last time’s synopsis. Jesse Henninger’s living in our house. His dad kicked him out and his mom is lesbian, so he’s living here until he can get his own apartment. He started off in the rec room (refer to schematic), but the dust got to his asthma, so he moved to the computer room and the computer moved to the master bedroom, where Mom is sleeping. Then we bought another computer, and Dad (who is going through rehab and is around the house lots more) wants it back in the computer room, and leave the old one in the master bedroom. However, Jesse can’t live in the rec room and there’s no more rooms left. So I moved to the rec room, Jesse’s moving to my old room, and the computer’s moving to the computer room. Basically, the wacky room shuffle. I’m now in a room with little carpet, an Atari 800XL, a Tandy 1000, and a heckuva lot of boxes. See schematic:

House schematic

Pioneer Day!

Brief synopsis of summer: Did a stake play: Silhouettes Against the Storm, about handcarts goin’ west. Went to St. George w/ scouts, was really hot. Toodles ran away. Got a Super Nintendo. Rented a cool game called Chrono Trigger. Got email address named after main character of Chrono Trigger: Brent and Carolyn Dunn are going out, leaving Ben sad. Went on youth conference, in which we pushed handcarts goin’ west. Wrote lots of songs for Ben’s band SaXon Geat. Designing a website for SaXon Geat. Katie went to hospital for back surgery, but seems to be recovering well. Decided that Katie & I should just be friends, since that’s as far as it should go, anyway. Going to Summernary, the summer seminary. Helped out with Days of ’47 parade by setting up the first aid tent. Got entire Channel 5 news staff to laugh at me because I was wearing a cool Southwest Airlines hat and waving like a fool. Met a cool person named Vanessa at an LDS chat site, who lives in Canada and may become a pen pal. Well, not really a pen, but a keyboard. Still have weeks left! Have fun!

P.S. We’re not moving. Nobody will buy our house!

Hello, John. Hello, John.

At least I’m writing once a month. We’re moving again. Back to West Valley. You know how on April 8, 1994, I mentioned that the others weren’t coping with it too well? Now, since I go to school in West Valley again, I can understand. You have to drive at least an hour a day, and that’s if you don’t have any extra-curricular activities, which Ben and I do up the wazoo. Annelise and Kjersti don’t count, since they’re not in high school anymore. Kjersti got a cat from the Bawdens. Their cat had kittens, and she got one of them. Its name is Toodles. I didn’t name it. Annelise named it Sapphire but nobody liked that. School is almost over! Just two more weeks, then 3 months of wackiness! I have a huge English report due on The Chosen Wednesday, as well as eight chapter reviews due in math on Tuesday. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I am going over to someone’s house to film this interactive interview with the characters from The Chosen. Then, my homework is basically over until I am a junior! Not much has happened since April 26th(last time I wrote). Well, gotta go. Bye.

Week of Death

So much for writing every day. Oh, well. Tomorrow and Tuesday(today is Sunday) are performances of the play Rumors, which I play the role of Glenn Cooper. Last Friday was our first performance. It went pretty well, although the house lights never went off.

Speaking of last week, omigosh! Last week was H-E-double Q! First off, the entire week except for Friday was Rumors rehearsals after school until about 6:00. Second, every morning last week I had to get to school at 6:00 in the morning for various practices and rehearsals. Tuesday, at 7:00, was Choir festival. Wednesday, at 6:00, was Band Festival. Thursday, at 7:00, was tryouts for a stake play. Friday, at 7:00, was a Rumors performance. So every day last week, I got up at 5:00 AM and didn’t get home until around 10:30 PM, and one night I had a 100-point English assignment!

Then we come to Saturday, the State Solo & Ensemble. I have to be at the school at 6:00 AM. Again. So, I get to school and realize I forgot my bassoon. It’s locked in the school, which won’t be open until we get back at 1:30. So, I call Dave Allgrunn, a bassoonist, and ask him if I can borrow his bassoon when he’s not playing it. He says sure. Dave gets to Timpview, where the State Solo & Ensemble is being held, at about 8:00. He has forgotten his bassoon, also. My first performance is at 8:12, his is at 8:36, and the school is about an hour away. from Dave’s house. So I borrow somebody else’s bassoon for the first song, and give it back to them as Dave borrows yet another bassoonist’s bassoon for the second song. After these two songs, Dave calls somebody and gets his bassoon before I perform in a bassoon quartet I told you about on February 19. It is graded by Mrs. Mckilligan, my 7th grade band teacher, and Mrs. Van Deuren, my 8th grade band teacher, is sitting on the front row next to Mr. Ferrin, my band teacher this year. Weird.

So I get home about 1:50 PM. At 1:30 were callbacks for this stake thing I tried out for on Thursday. Kjersti had left to go to these about 30 seconds before I got home, and Mom has no car because Ben is in West Valley working on a history project and Annelise is who knows where. Mom finally borrows the next-door neighbors’ car, and I get there about 2:30. Kjersti leaves about an hour later, and I have to stay until about 5:00, because They are running far behind. I finally finish there, and call home to discover Mom has no car and the neighbors left. So I end up walking home from the Tithing Hill Ward building, the building on the exact opposite side of the stake from our house. It takes me until about 6:30 to walk home.

At about 8:00, Ben gets home along with eight of his friends to work on campaign posters, because they’re all running for a class office. I join in too, since I am running for Junior class Vice President, an election I (do/don’t) win. By the time they all get packed up and leave, it is 12:30 AM. I wake up this morning and realize I left my Sunday shirt at school for my Rumors costume. So, I can’t go to church, which is just as well, since I have to finish 2 campaign posters and a banner as well as revise the 100-point English assignment (a short story about sandwiches) before tomorrow, at which I have to get to school at 5:30 AM and be home after 10:30 PM.

So, my posterity, when they talk about adversity back in this time, take a tip from me: It’s all true. I’m pooped, and my arm is about to fall off, so I’m going to stop writing now. Gotta go. Bye.

Et bien!

Wow. Today was the pinnacle of my life up to this point. No homework, first of all. Start of missionary week. But more importantly, the last and best performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! I was Issachär, a brother, and Ben, my brother, played Joseph! It was a student-produced play, directed by Brett Bawden, so it wasn’t the “official” school musical, but we still grossed about $4,000! Today we earned $2,400; so we had 800 people tonight watching! And it was great! I don’t remember anything going horribly wrong, the energy level was like this:

Energy Level of Joseph

and the audience loved every minute of it! I also had the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! If there were any three days I could relive, it would be Monday, Thursday, and today! In the words of James Sanders, “Et Bien!” which I have no idea what it means in French. However, it and others were the ways everyone expressed their exuberance! And best of all, I got a little fur Daniel Boone hat that Issachär wore! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Woo hoo!

Madrigal tryouts

This Friday is tryouts for Concert Choir and Madrigals next year. I am going to sing “Santa Fe” from Newsies. I hope I do well, but at the same time, I don’t. Let me explain. If I make it into Madrigals, I will have 5 classes in the “performing arts” hall, which is G-hall. These classes will be: X-Works, Drama, Concert Choir, Madrigals, and Wind Ensemble. That won’t leave much room for English, History, Seminary, etc. So I will have to figure it out. Remember Katie Hewitt? I mentioned her a few pages back. Well, things are progressing nicely. We spent 30 minutes after school during Joseph rehearsal just chatting. Don’t you love chatting, especially with someone you like? Anyway, she is wrought up about auditions this Friday. She is first on the list. I told her not to worry and then explained that everyone else is rooting for her, you are always your worst critic, and that I was even nervous. Everybody thinks I’m a shoo-in because I’m “Perfect Pitch Boy.” Yay. THAT certainly improves tone quality and blend. In any case, I hope she’s not too nervous. By the way, if you noticed that one of my teacher’s last name is Hewitt (like Katie’s) then I’ll just let you know that yes, they’re related. W,GG.B.

What the crap is “scud?”

I made it! Yesterday was full of stuff, but I made it through. I had to be at school at 6:00 A.M. to practice a bassoon quartet being held at the Solo & Ensemble thing that very afternoon. Also that afternoon was a Pioneer Memorial Theatre play (A Streetcar Named Desire) that the drama people were going to. I had to perform at Solo & Ensemble at 5:18; the plat started at 2:30 and took approximately two hours and fifteen minutes to complete. It was a thirty-minute drive from PMT to Taylorsville High (where Solo & Ensemble was) during rush-hour traffic. So I got there at 5:20; luckily They were running late. I plated a piece in a big woodwind group, then realized I FORGOT THE MUSIC FOR THE BASSOON QUARTET! AW, SCUD! I spent an hour searching for a copy machine, knowing that if I wasn’t back in time to play at 6:00, I would get docked points. I searched in five places, all rejects, and at about 5:55, I found one and performed it. Whew! Luckily the judge was Mrs. Van Deuren, my 8th grade band teacher, and was sympathetic to my cause, having seen me go through it countless times. I finally got home at about 7:30, and wrote an English paper worth 100 points from scratch! Good night!

Pajama Day can do some crazy things. . .

I’m going to try to write in this journal more often. (Yeah, right.) I didn’t tell you my new schedule for this semester. It is: odd days: Fields, Pierce, Ferrin, Huber. Even days: Wamsley, Summerhays, Hewitt, Spencer(later it will be Jones). I got the music video done and it is smooth. It’s for the song “In the Navy” and it features Casey Wayman, Brent Lingwall, Darren Boekweg, and Ben (my brother). It is wacky. You know what’s weird? Today feels like it never happened. Really. The same with Thursday and Friday of last week. Last week, by the way, was Spirit Week, and Thursday & Friday were Pajama Day and ’80’s Day. I guess when you spend a day of school walking around in your pajamas your mind starts playing tricks on you. I was doing stuff I normally do in my room only, like singing songs I make up as I go along, being really obnoxious (normally I’m just kind of obnoxious), and picking my nose; not a good way to impress Katie. She is the hardest person to tell what her feelings are. Maybe it’s because I am in the perspective of having a crush on her, but I hope she doesn’t think I’m dumb.

Well, gotta go. Bye.

Simple and straightforward

Aw, schmuck. This year’s been going non-stop. Right now, for school, I have to finish taping and edit a music video for Media Productions in one hour (right before school starts on Tuesday, the 16th(Monday) is President’s Day), write an introduction, thesis, and a bunch of notecards for a research paper due for both English and History, attend rehearsals of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat AND the play Rumors, both of which are going on simultaneously and both of which I am involved in. and try to do all of this while currently caught up in another crush on a girl. That’s right, another one. One might think that 3 is lots, but then, that person is not a human. Don’t worry, I won’t gush about her (Katie Hewitt is her name) like I did on Sept. 16, 1996 and Apr. 8, 1994. I’ll just mention that she is the latest of about twenty times I’ve been struck with the “love bug,” if you know what I mean. This is just your simple, straightforward journal entry w/o musings, feelings, or imaginings. Probably the first one in this journal. Well, gotta go. Bye. (to use an overworn phrase).

Don’t call him Rodge!

Hello again. Sorry about the abruptness of that last entry. I just got sick of writing about the evil Daniel. He’s not evil, he’s just not my type anymore. This year we’ve been OK, since Annalee isn’t in high school yet.

Speaking of which, I am in high school now! For odd days I have: Fields, Gym, Ferrin, and Huber. Even days I have: Wamsley, Summerhays, Hemenway, and Hewitt. Right now we are in the middle of the school musical: The Pirated Penzance! It’s about a 1933 movie studio producing The Pirates of Penzance, but all the actors rebel against the evil director, played by Brett Bawden. I play Rufus Beasly, and I have two lines: “Rule number eight,” and “It’s Marshall!” We already have done two performances, and tomorrow is our final performance. It’s fun stuff.

I would write more, but I have to get ready for church. Today we are having a lesson on keeping journals, and I have to share an entry out of here. I’ll probably use the first one, since it is the only sane entry in this journal. Well, gotta go. Bye.

He’s Being a Dork! The Daniel Story

Dan, Billy, and I, circa 9th grade

Okay, so here’s the deal.
Daniel and I have been friends since 4th grade (see 1st entry; it was in 4th grade). We always went around at recesses and made up these sci-fi games, sort of a cross between Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey. We always had fun, too. Then, in 5th grade, he had leukemia (cancer) and I only saw him occasionally throughout the year. When 6th grade rolled around, he was back 2 school. However, he didn’t want to play sci-fi:BTTFQLBATEA/BJ anymore. He always wanted to play dodgeball. I don’t know where this obsession with dodgeball came from, but it’s what happened. In the middle of 6th grade, I moved, and I lost track of the guy. We never did keep track of each other through Ben, although I tried once.

In 8th grade I moved back to that school (although I didn’t change houses) and Daniel, of course, was still going there. He was pretty much the same guy, except he was a much more sportsy guy (I’m not really a sportsy guy.), with his forte being wrestling. He also was in chorus. We stayed friends that year, and most of 9th also where we made this coll video tape called “Jurassic Pork.” It was pretty nifty, until the middle of the 3rd quarter.

We were in the middle of a project that was quarter-long, Daniel and I, and another person named Billy Grant, whom I had met at the beginning of the year and had become my other best friend. It was an entrepreneurship project, and we were selling 3d random dot stereo images. We called ourselves the Magic Guyz™. The problem was, Billy and I were doing all the work while Daniel kept saying that his mother had to buy posters and stuff (he was the advertising guy). We never got the posters.

That, however, wasn’t all. We did the school play during the 3rd 1/4. I was in it, and so were Daniel and Billy. The play went along fine, but in one scene, Daniel’s character kissed a person named Annalee’s character. Annalee was a typical 8th grader: dancing, clique of friends, kind of an airhead. Daniel was twitterpated. He wanted to do everything with this girl. When we did a unit on Latin America, Daniel and I corresponded our make-believe travel journals (the story was make-believe, not the journal.) TWO days before they’re due, Daniel comes up to me and says, “Oh, by the way, Annalee’s with us too.” He spends half his day talking to her and her friends, which he considers his friends, too. They probably like him, too, because after that school play, he decided to play the ladies’ man, which isn’t too bad, if you can get it right. He can’t. Oh, he charms the ladies, but with the expense of a few other things.
4th quarter our English teacher assigns us to do a project involving Shakespeare. Naturally, Daniel, Billy, and I start a project together. The idea was for Daniel to write a parody, Billy to build sets, and me to do camera work. Then we’d act out Daniels’ parody on Billy’s sets while I taped it. The teacher gives us four weeks to work on this. Two weeks into the project, Billy and I are nervously waiting for Daniel to finish the script. He comes up to us and says, “Hey, guys. I’m almost done with the first scene, but can Annalee join?”

We would’ve told him off right there, but Billy and I both hate confrontations. So, we postponed it until Wednesday, when we died.

(P.S. I really didn’t die. That was just for sympathy.)


I’m a big jerk. That’s all.

The sum


10th Anniversary
Calvin & Hobbes

Pg. 195


sums up my fantasies, my dreams, my. . .everything. Look it up sometime.

The two different me’s

Did I really write the Sept. 16th entry? Blechh. Cough Cough. D’ya know what I’ve decided? There’s two me’s. I’m serious. It’s like I have a split personality. There’s Me #1, who’s outgoing and tough and indifferent and wacky about everything. He is the usual me, the one I put on almost every time I’m in public or around anyone. Me #2 is more sensitive, cares more about lots of things and feels close to things and is basically a lot more submissive, sensitive, and lets his feelings out more. Me #2 is usually who writes in this journal. The closest Me #1 got was on August 6, 1995. The best examples of Me #2 are on Sept. 16, 1996; October 1, 1996; and January 19, 1996. There’s others, too, of course, but the best are on those dates. For example, the Sept. 16 entry. Me #1 would like to rip those pages out of the journal and torch them. “These are dumb,” he’d say as the lighter lights. “What kind of weird guy writes this kind of stuff?” But Me #2 loves those pages. He feels he should keep them for memories; to look back and remember. Neither is right or wrong. W, G G. B. (well, gotta go. bye)

(P.S. I’m NOT in love with Shayla Meyer anymore. It was just a phase.)

The blurst of times?!? You stupid monkey!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That’s how my life is right now. On one hand, my dad’s dying, Ben’s in the hospital, Kjersti (my sister) has to wear a neck brace 4 eleven weeks, and my mom is about dying trying to keep up with it all. On the other hand, I got tons o’ friends at school, including a kinda girlfriend(we’re working toward a friendship. At least I am) and mostly A’s in my classes, not any bad teachers, and Seminary! You know, I’ve been listening to the Cumorah’s Hill CD (mentioned on March 19, 1995), and it got me thinking. I’ve got a pretty good life. No smoking or drinking problems, basically a good family, not any real poverty, great school life, and many others. It’s true that I have some problems. Who else has two immediate family members (Ben & Dad) in life-threatening situations at the same time? Boy, that’s a great CD. The first thing I did when I heard Ben and Kjersti were in an accident was to write in this journal. The second was to listen to that CD. Well, gotta go. Bye.

A day that will live in Parkes infamy

Just a quick update. My Dad will die any day now, my sister has diabetes, my other sister got in a car accident and received a huge gash, my brother was in the same accident and had to have his intestines sewed together, and I have a test in the morning.

Just thought you’d like to know.

(P.S. I really didn’t have a test. That was just for sympathy.)